To me yoga is a reminder to explore and play everyday. A reminder that we are forever in a state of transition and to take the time to explore the body movement and the world around us. Be patient present and open to the change. My yoga philosophy is to be humble, intelligent, and creative. After almost 10 years of practicing yoga on my mat I took the next step and received my RYT 200-Hour Power Vinyasa training (under the guidance of Tim Sullivan, Casey Peterson, and Adrienne Kimberly) at Urban Yoga Spa in Seattle in hopes of sharing the knowledge I have gained in this beautiful practice with you and give back to the Seattle yoga community.



A jumping back kick at a yoga retreat in Mexico pretty much sums up my two intertwined practices. I've studied Tae Kwon Do for 20 years along with two years of boxing before I started yoga to enhance my martial arts practice but found that many of the things that draws me to TKD in yoga. I received the 200 RYT certification from Urban Yoga Spa in Seattle under the tutelage of Tim Sullivan. I love the choreography of yoga and I appreciate the perseverance needed to attempt challenging yoga poses. I'm a chronic to do lister so I appreciate that yoga helps me slow down and be mindful and present. Our three goals in Tae Kwon Do are Progress, Peace & Love which are in complete alignment with my yoga goals as well. 


Pam discovered her Yoga practice in 2012 after recognizing the need for a healthy work-life balance. She immediately felt the benefits and worked hard to set on a new path of growth. As an active duty member of the US Coast Guard she realized how Yoga helped her stress management and wanted to provide her experience to fellow veterans. She was encouraged by her teacher Silvia Mordini to pursue teacher training and graduated from Alchemy of Yoga in 2013. She is certified with Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans and uses these techniques in her classes. Pam’s goal for her students is for them to feel relaxed and grounded, she particularly likes the moments in between poses. Pam is a volunteer teacher for the US Coast Guard, Seattle Pacific University, Yoga For Hope, and Yoga For a Cause.